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The Spanish commander of Manila, knowing it was indefensible, feared reprisals because of his harsh treatment of the Filipino people. But rather than just surrender he struck and agreement with Admiral George Dewey to stage a mock battle to satisfy the Spanish code of honor called "Pundoner". After a brief battle, the Spanish laid down their arms. Trouble was that nobody told either participants that The President McKinley had signed a peace treaty with Spain the day before the sham battle.

History Quiz #41 What American Inventor was awarded the "Iron Cross' by Adolf Hitler? Answer:

Days of Thanksgiving were celebrated all over Colonies in the 1700's for various reasons, such as military victories, abundant harvests, or significant State events. However, these occasions were often celebrated not by a day of feasting but by a day of fasting.

History Quiz #42 The only confederate state to make slavery illegal and was specifically waived by congress from the emancipation proclamation ? Answer:

Where is Sitting Bull Buried? According to Folks in North Dakota, in a rather shabby grave site outside Fort Yakes. However, folks in Mobridge, South Dakota say they crossed over in the middle of the night in 1957 and used a back hoe to illegally steal his bones and give him a more honorable monument. Folks in Fort Yakes say, "nope", all they got was a dead horses bones.

History Quiz #43 Which President had a foreign capital named after him? Answer:

Rufus Porter, the founder of Scientific American, once proposed propeller driven balloons to sail west on the Oregon trail. He got as far as signing up 200 people for the endeavor, but the steam powered balloon where unstable and fortunately never got off the ground.

History Quiz #44 This President appointed the first woman cabinet member?

Originally from the Dutch, "Olle Korrect"the term "OK" was popularized by supporters of Martin Van Buren, who was from Kinderhook, NY and nicknamed "Old Kinderhook".

History Quiz #45 Who was Richard Saunders and what did he publish? Answer:

Alexander Graham Bell tried to save James Garfield's life with his new listening device meant to detect the location of a bullet. Although it had worked on others, it somehow would not work on Garfield. The reason was a coil spring mattress. Had they moved Garfield to the floor or another bed, doctors could have located the bullet and possibly have saved Garfield's life.

History Quiz #46 Which President used the courts to ban the publishing of an article in the New York Times, making it the first time in U.S. history our government ever moved to try an bar in advance the printing information that the government found objectionable? Answer:


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