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Thomas Nast drew his inspiration for The Republican as Elephants and the Democrats as donkeys from a fable about a Jackass who disguised himself as a tiger and frightened the other animals. The characters were meant to be degrading to both the Republicans as the frightened elephants who were cowering from their principles and the Democrats who were pretending to be so fierce. Nast also gave us our depictions of Santa Claus and Uncle Sam.

History Quiz#35 Which President was once a fashion model? Answer:

Teddy Roosevelt wanted the motto "In God We Trust" removed from the new $20 gold coin designed in 1907. Roosevelt felt it was blasphemous to use the Lord's name on coins that were so often used to buy "worldly" goods and services. After a huge public outcry, Congress passed a law requiring "In God We Trust" be returned to all United States coinage at once.

History Quiz#36 What epidemic killed more Americans than any other? Answer:

Benjaman Franklin would of felt honored when citizens in the Western part of North Carolina petitioned congress to create a new state called "Frankland". However the state of North Carolina didn't feel quite so inclined to the idea of dividing their state and quickly moved to block congress from granting the petiition. Later it used militia to arrest Frankland's Govener John Sevier and try him for treason.

History Quiz:#37 "Ma, Ma, wheres my Pa?' was the slur used for this Presidental candidate because he had fathered a child out of wedlock. He won anyway. Answer:

President Benjamin Harrison, was about to sign the proclamations admitting North and South Dakota as the 39th and 40th states. He had each document placed inside identical newspapers. He then shuffled them back and forth until no one could tell which document was which state. Just enough of the document were left exposed for the President to sign. He then shuffled the papers again before the documents were removed. Because of this "shell game", no one will ever know which of the Dakotas was actually the 39th or 4Oth state!

History Quiz#38 Daylight savings time was institutued in 1917, but what American first pruposed it? Answer:

Charles and Michael De Young were 17 and 19 years old when they scooped all the other California newspapers with news of Lincoln's assassination and launched themselves into journalistic careers. Their only other employee at the time was a young man who wrote for them under the pseudonym Mark Twain.

History Quiz#39 The planned invasion of Japan called Operation Downfall was negated by the dropping of the atomic bomb. How many dead U.S. soldiers did the military estimate would be killed had the operation gone forward? Answer:

Over 1500 people were killed when the boiler exploded on the steam boat Sultana, making it the worst Marine disaster in U.S. history. In a greedy effort by the captain to pack a many paying customers aboard, the old boiler simply couldn't handle the load of over 2000 passengers. Most of those killed were Union army P.O.W. 's who had just been liberated from Confederate prisons and were returning home.

History Quiz#40 How much formal education did Thomas Edison have? Answer:


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