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The first woman President? Edith Wilson, the wife of Woodrow Wilson, served as acting President for 1 1/2 years. When her husband suffered a stroke, and because the Constitution had not yet been amended to appoint the Vice-President in his place, Mrs. Wilson handled the Presidential affairs aptly, filling vacancies and administering foreign policy. Some called it the " Petticoat Government.'' but this was meant as slur.

History Quiz #28 Who was the first wife of a President to be called the "First Lady" Answer:

Inventing the airplane was one part of the Wright brothers story, proving it was another. Being simple bicycle mechanics they were not prepared for the onslaught of greedy entrepreneurs that would try to steal their invention and claim it for themselves. Weakened and exhausted by the legal battles over the patent, Wilbur Wright would die before every receiving the public recognition, or the monetary compensation given by the courts which eventually sided with them

History Quiz#29 What State Capital was once named "Pigs Eye" Answer:

The Trail of Tears refers to the forced exile of the Cherokee Indians under the "Indian Removal Act" of 1830. It forced 17,000 Cherokee's from their lands in Georgia to reservations in Oklahoma, many having to walk barefoot. 4000 died of disease, hunger, and cold along the way.

History Quiz#30 Which President's wife was and expert equestrian, often riding alone to deliver messages to troops? Answer:

In 1891 Edison installed electricity in the White House. William Henry Harrison was so afraid of of the new divice that he refused to touch the switches and slept with all the lights burning through the night until the White House engineer would come on duty in the morning.

History Quiz#31 Who was the first to designate the Presidential Mansion as "The White House"? Answer:

The Boston tea party did not happen because the British raised the price of tea, but because they lowered it. Such a huge black market existed, that a cheaper British tea threatened to make the the smuggling of tea unprofitable. Angered, not only by the loss of the tea trade but also by the monopolistic practice of the British East India Trade Co., colonial traders joined the radicals agitating for independence.

History Quiz#32 What famous communist once worked as a correspondent for the New York Tribune? Answer:

The "eye for an eye" order was given by Abraham Lincoln. Issued in 1863 during the Civil War that the Union would shoot a Confederate prisoner for every black Union prisoner shot, and would condemn a Confederate prisoner to hard labor for life for every black prisoner sold into slavery. The order was meant to deter Confederates from murdering or enslaving captured black soldiers.

History Quiz#33 What part of the United States did the Japanese occupy during WWII? Answer:


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