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I am afraid that I have held a rather pessimistic view of my country. With all the divisiveness of the past few decades, with all the splintering points of view, and hostile opinions, I wondered that if we ever had a tragedy such as pearl harbor, or a great evil in the world such as Adolf Hitler, whether we as a nation could ever again pull together to avert such a threat.

I considered our nation's people to self-centered, to materialistic, to lazy to ever have the resolve that it once had when our country called upon it's people to make such a sacrifice.

Now, with the bombing of the World Trade Center, as I watched the rescue workers, the volunteers, the long lines of blood donors, the heroes aboard doomed planes, our political leaders binding together, and the displaying of our flag from every street corner, I know that have been proven wrong.

Though our sorrow is great, and our anger even greater, Today, more than ever, I am proud to be an American.

Stephen Parker Combs

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