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Who was the man who served as President of the U.S. for 24 hours?


Actually this is a myth that I carried on my own Web site for a while. This story came about because James Polk's term of office ended on a Saturday, and Zachery Taylor refused to be sworn in the next day because it was "The Sabbath". Instead he was sworn in on the following Monday. The constitution at the time stated that the President Pro Tempore of the Senate was 3rd in line and since neither a President or Vice President was sworn in, that made Atchison next in line. But their is one critical fault here, since no one becomes President until he takes the oath of office. Atchison was never sworn in.

Still Atchison played along with the myth. It was even written on his tombstone "President for one day" Atchsion was asked one time what he did on that momentous day he became President? He replied, "I went to bed".


We were recently told George Washington was not really the first american president..this is supposed to be found in a book of little know facts....we are unable to verify and will be attending a c.a.r. meeting and need to bring a little know fact about a patriot..this seemed you know if this is true.


George Washington was the first President under the Constitution.

However, the first elected President of "The United States in Congress Assembled", was John Hanson of Maryland. He was the first President of the Continental Congress and thus could be said he was our first President. However, keep in mind that his duties were in large part ceremonial and by no means did he have the power or duties that were eventually given to the President under our Constitution. He served a 1 year term as did 13 others before our Constitution was ratified.


I have heard that in the early days of the United States' independence, German almost became the official language and that English won by only one vote - Ben Franklin's vote. Is any of this true?


This is called the "Muhlendburg legend" It has no basis in truth. It was so named by a German-American legislator in congress who was petitioned by other German-Americans to have laws and regulations printed in German so that they might be understood by the 9% of the population of this descent. However Fredrick Muhlendburg who happened to be Speaker of the House of Representatives refused telling them that the sooner they learned English the better. Somehow, the facts were changed and this legend was born. It was later made a popular myth by German authors and teachers,

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